Look Within

I have seen it all my life. Racism. Discrimination. Prejudice. Belittling. Humiliating. On myself and on others.

Now that I’m grown I see it a lot more. It just doesn’t bother me as much. But how much more beautiful would the world be if people would just see that even if others aren’t your same race, your same ethnicity, your same culture, they are still human beings, and inside, they are just like you, just like me

Don’t judge me

By looking at my anatomy

There’s a lot more to me

Than the eye can see

So don’t classify me

Just by spotting the flaws on this face

Don’t fixate on my race

Don’t overthink my heritage

Don’t look too long at the color of my skin

Why don’t you step closer and take a look within

Look a little beyond my esaphogus

And allow me to introduce

The being inside that resembles You

A soul much like yours

With hopes and dreams

So take a second glance


Not all is as it seems

So take a second to know me

Before trying to figure me out

Just by what you see

For what is reality all about

It’s merely that the bare eye can see…

-Juliet Rivor © June 2017

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