The Impossible Can Be Achieved

I can almost see it

So beautiful, so clear

The price for which I devote

So real, so near

Yet so remote

So close to my grasp

I can almost take it

But silently I heart myself gasp,

“You won’t make it”

Dear fear,

Try to hold me back

and I’ll drag you

along my track

Dear insecurities,

 I have you have sturdy knees

Dear hesitation,

Feel free to leave

Here is uninvited

Any treacherous thief

And because I know you believe

Let’s refute those who deceive

Prove the impossible can be achieved

Because you’re so much stronger

So much smarter

Than you perceive

– Juliet Rivor © June 2017

Sometimes it’s easier to sit and imagine and dream than going out and struggling among sweat, tears, rejection, failure, and more struggle. But feeling the prize tangible in your hands at the end of the track is better than holding an imagined one. The struggle is worth it, my friends. Make your dreams come true 🙂


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