A Love Like Juliet’s

My idol, my role model – Juliet
The heroine
of the story
Had a love little have known
So for me
It’d be a sin
To simply forget
To just give up
on my fairytale love
And end up alone
Without making sacrifices
of my own
-Juliet Rivor © May 2017

Romeo and Juliet
Who does not know the story of these star-crossed lovers?
As a helpless romantic that I am, I love this story. Every bit of it. Even the tragic end. With that being said, that doesn’t mean I dream of the tragic ending, but of everything that came before. These 2 were just too cute with the way they talked, the way they expressed their feelings for each other. A committed relationship is strengthened by sacrifices. Doing things for the one you love, to keep them happy.
Relationships are made with commitment, and that takes sacrifice.

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