I’m A Mother Then

I have never experienced a stillbirth, but I am a mother and can only imagine the grief that is felt by holding a sleeping baby.

I have seen the devastation close, having friends and family go through this awful thing. But I know the comfort they have by telling them, they are mothers. By congratulating them on mother’s day. Because these lovely ladies are mothers too. And they anxiously wait the day they are reunited with their children.

You think I’m not a mother

Because of the empty crib

But she was my daughter

The moment she found

her home under my ribs

She lived in my womb

The only difference

She now resides in heaven

Because she left too soon

But her memory lives in my brain

And there it will survive

Until the day we meet again

I’m a mother then


-Juliet Rivor © July 2017

These words are very close to my heart, because REDEMPTION has a character that experiences this. And it affects her decisions throughout the story.


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