I’m Not That Girl

I’m not that being

That sheltered girl

Who accepts a ring

And hands over her world

She who’s expected to

Simply cook and clean

And take care of the children

While reprieving her dreams

Don’t let that be you

Don’t try to bring me down

Because just like

I’m a mother and wife

I’m a person

With lots of love



To attain

To achieve

To gain

To meet

To fulfill



-Juliet Rivor © July 2017

Ever since I can remember, a woman has to give up working towards her dreams the moment she says “I do” and even more so once she has children. That’s what the world wants to see as normal, but it’s very wrong. A woman, just like any guy, can do so much, if she sets her mind to it.

You too can achieve great things if you set your mind to it 😉

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