Losing the Will to Live

When you lose the desire to live

A somber sky invades your home

And that dark cloud won’t leave you alone

And the falling tears drench your soul

Your veins look tempting

Your pillow looks inviting

Your prescriptions looks appetizing

Everything turns deadly

Everything’s in jeopardy

The universe itself becomes your enemy

When you give up on your life

There’s nothing for which you strive

So when you pick up a knock at the door

Your limbs paralyze with fear

You are unable to answer

You simply bawl in a corner

And if it ever happens to you

Know I weathered the storm too

And I came out through the other side

A glistening, new me thanks to the tide

And when you are overwhelmed with fear

Know there’s a reason you are here

And when you seek sustain and don’t know where to begin

Answer the door and let it in

-Juliet Rivor © July 2017

Sometimes all we need is to know others have gone or are going through the same thing we are. Know that it gets better, but in order to get out of the dark hole, let someone grab your hand and pull you up. Sometimes that helps doesn’t come by itself and we have to go looking for it, but it’s worth it.

There’s a reason you’re here.  If you haven’t found it just yet, you will.

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