Never Again

Never again will we be disillusioned by deceitful lies You will never again love You will never again wander off I decreed to my heart and eyes Too many hits we've received Too many realities we've perceived It's better to stay Locked shut this way -Juliet Rivor Β© August 2017

I Give You My Anatomy

What are you willing to give for the one you love? As for me - I give you my cheek I give you my lips For whenever you seek something to kiss I give you my name I give you my anatomy For whenever you fancy something to miss - Juliet Rivor Β© August 2017


They call me rebel Because I don't follow them Looks like that I am - Juliet Rivor Β© August 2017 Your life doesn't depend on anybody else's approval. You will make or break alone. Do you and you will make great things in life πŸ˜‰

Maxi Laxy

I love limericks. This is the seventh of my original limericks. Hope you guys enjoyed. Tomorrow, I'll be back to my regular posts. Thanks for the love, guys. πŸ™‚   There once was a well lazy guy known as Maxi He was what his own blood would describe as "laxy" "Go get the mail," he … Continue reading Maxi Laxy