Drowning in the Rain

I was waiting outside

In the cold, relentless rain

I waited for hours

Again and again

Waiting for the sun

That never came

So don’t tell me it gets better

Because it never did

The shower crept up my toes

Covered my eyes and filled my nose

The water in my lungs, I didn’t oppose

So now I am nothing more

Than the puddle you see on the floor

On those cold, rainy days

Maybe now people will remember me

Remember me always

– Juliet Rivor © August 2017

The rain always brings out the gloomy side of me, and boy, has it been raining lately.

On a side note, let’s not wait for a tragedy to want to give help to those that need it.Now is the time. So give that smile to a stranger and that hand to someone who’s fallen down.

Make a change.

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