Fulfill Your Dreams

Who cares what they’re thinking

What they’re saying

Honey, disregard their taunting

All that matters here is our feelings

How can I explain to you

Put into words what I feel in my core

How can I convey too

That I love you more now

than I did before

And you don’t want to listen

as I anxiously entreat

Because you don’t want to fight

Simply accept defeat

And whatever happened

To that dream

That future we sought together

You and me

So beautiful, so perfect, so real

That it feels like a crime

To not let it fulfill

-Juliet Rivor © August 2017

Sometimes we are afraid to take a chance because of what our friends and family will say or think, or maybe they DO say or think. But is a good thing really worth losing over what others want. At the end of the day, it’s your happiness and you have to fight for it.


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