Fragmented Heart

The day of your departure

My heart violently ruptured

Smiles on my face are no more

Because with your ascension

It’s as if I was shot in the chest with a gun

And a piece of my core

Lodged in the pocket of your soul

So you took off on your journey

Probably unaware of the relic you carry

So nowadays

I can’t even peek at my face

Because I detect it right away

That depressing gaze that’s here to stay

At least until the day

that I’m permitted to see you again

And you can give back to me

The missing piece of my heart

Thereby, relieving me of my untreated pain

Making my heart whole again

With the comprehension

That we will then

Never be apart

– Juliet Rivor © September 2017

There’s sorrows that only BELIEVING can cure.

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