I Miss You

Where are you, my love?


I know it’s been rough

But come now – don’t be a crybaby

Don’t allow yourself to be chased away by a wee baby

I know things around here have changed

But it’s not fair to leave me estranged

Overwhelmed and deranged

Where are you, my friend?


This can’t be the end

For God’s sake

Come fix this headache

Where are you, my dear?


It’s just been so long

that you don’t even pass by here

Come if only for an hour or two

I am, oh, so repented

For taking you for granted

Sweet SLEEP, how I miss you


– Juliet Rivor © September 2017

This was written with the point of view of a mom, obviously. But I think men and women alike can share in the though 😅

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