Desolating Sever

Reader Discretion Advised:

My body begins to fold

I feel blind, I feel cold

Why did I do this sever?

The memories plunder

What’s left of my perception

And I advance further

into desolation

I feel drowsy

Maybe there really is another way

Perhaps I really could stay

So I look for the door

Through the dark vapor

I scream for help

At least I think I am

So why is no one coming?

I’m fatigued

My mind was tired for so long

My heart aggrieved

My spirit had long ago shut down

Now my body is too

I took this decision

So no going back now, even if I wanted to

I’m incredibly sleepy

Overwhelmingly weak

I think my heart is finally relieved

Just let me sleep

– Juliet Rivor © October 2017

Note : I wrote this after watching 13 Reasons Why. Beautiful show. Not because of the suicide. But because it brilliantly depicts what bullying can cause. What certain actions, words, stares, comments, rumours can cause. And how turning your back on someone in need could lead them to believe this is the only option.

So, my friends, I challenge you. Challenge you to make the world a better place. Have small talk with the person that sits next to you in the bus, pray for those that need it, Smile at the stranger passing you down the hall, and most importantly – say i love you to your friend and family for no reason. Give them a hug. Tell them how awesome they are. Tomorrow might be too late.

With this poem, I am not ADVERTISING suicide. I am merely trying to make an allusion as to how most often than not, it’s a decision you can’t take back.

 I know I tend to write often about depression, anguish, despair, feeling suicidal, and in this case, the actual act. Because I too have been suicidal. I too know the lonely feeling. Because I know of self harm. And also know of the awesome help that’s out there for those that need it.

Remember, my friends,together we are strong.

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