Our Dream

They say I’m not good enough to be your bride

Others say a man like you shouldn’t be by my side

How disheartening that their chide has you petrified

Darling, how can I get you to put the world aside?

And get you to focus on what we’re feeling inside?

Just think of that dream

That future we sought together, you and me

So sweet, so perfect, so real

That it feels like a crime to not let it fulfill

So, tell me

Will you commit fully

To this romance



While we leave the opposers

Behind in evanescence?

– Juliet Rivor © October 2017attractive-couple-love-looking-each-other-s-eyes-blonde-girl-brown-haired-guy-outdoors-32649658.jpg

We know the weight of what our loved ones think has a significant impact on our lives and decisions. But at the end of the day, it IS your life. And you have the final say. Perhaps it won’t be a good decision, but what if it is?

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