Learn to Love

You are used to hurting without meaning to

Offending those that support you

Wounding those that love you

Playing with thoughts and emotions

Defrauding trust and devotion

And used to seeking restitution

With those eyes that evoke an incomparable sensation

But anything done for the wrong reason

Will always turn out inefficient

And your power of persuasion

Today proves impotent

You were erred

Assuming I’d always be there


Learn to love wholeheartedly

To give some of that which you receive

And maybe, just maybe

The next girl you look to

Might be the one who stays with you

– Juliet Rivor © October 2017


Walking away can be hard, but sometimes it’s the best you can do.

Learn to love yourself first. You deserve to be with someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

Don’t let yourself be taken for granted…

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