Worth the Memory

The other day I asked my fellow mother chicks,

“Gals, where are all y’alls maternity pics?

I never saw any posted, not even one!

Come on, let’s reminisce! Just for fun!”

Then came the stun

To hear they didn’t take any…

Especially to hear the reason

So here’s my question, really:

Why are ladies embarrassed?

Of baby bump pictures?

Yes, your ankles look huge, your eyes puffy

Your waist wide, your behind too

Swollen fingers, sweaty hair

But just let me tell you:

These pictures are the most beautiful out there

Because it’s the remembrance

Of when your child and you were one once

It’s the recollection of two hearts beating in one

A protruding bump that soons shrinks with the birth of your daughter or son

So snap those photos

To show your children tomorrow

The memories of when their life had begun

– Juliet Rivor © October 2017


This one is pretty self-explanatory, I believe.

Snap those pictures, ladies. The memories will be worth it 😉

*** Featuring a pregnant Juliet *** 😊

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