To Me, You’re My Mother

I know I owe you everything I am today

On those days I thought it would never get better

You assured me it would all be okay

If I just make the right choice

You would extinguish fires before the spark of a flicker

You wiped away my tears before they even spilled over

For that, you are my most valued treasure

A security blanket I keep close to my chest

You have always been there

When I needed you close

To me, you’re my mother

Out of all of them, the best

– Juliet Rivor © October 2017


A piece dedicated to Mom, but no better way of letting Mom know you love her than to tell her directly. Tomorrow may be too late, so give her a call, give her a hug, do something nice for her, just because. 💕💞💗❣💓💛

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