Darkened Smile

You walked into my life on a cold, wet night

With the smell of tobacco and cheap cologne

But it was those eyes

That invited me in

And that kiss

That kiss that would soon be my demise

Your bright, pretty-boy smile

Long ago turned dark

All it’s been for a while –

A terrifying smirk

And oh! How the fear grows in my core

Everytime I sense movement behind the door

Oh, not again, please

My soul can’t handle much more of this

And so here I am again

Right back to the place it all began

And as i hold the beaten flesh on my face

I cry and consider:

How did I get here in the first place?

– Juliet Rivor © November 2017


Doesn’t matter how you got in it. It matters how you get out of an abusive relationship.

Some people think they “deserve” it. YOU DON’T. Domestic violence is no joke.

If found in an abusive relationship, reach out and get help.

Life is too beautiful and too short to be wasting it with someone who doesn’t help you see it.

The only shades on your face should be on your eyelids from your eyeshadow palette.

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