Missing You

The streets are longer

It would seem the hours are too

I’m left with scarce wit

Because i can’t sleep one bit

Because I truly miss you

– tanka

– Juliet Rivor © November 2017


3 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. I’ve been reading a few of your posts, and this one is both lovely and interesting for me. I wrote a poem also called Missing You, and I’m sure there’s thousands more . I’ll attach a link of my poem, hopefully you don’t mind, and thankyou for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor



  2. I absolutely do not mind. Au contraire, I love when fellow writers take the time to share their work with me. It was beautiful and refreshing. Thank you for the share. 💛 and keep shining, my friend. Love, Juliet


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