Silent Conversation

What a coincidence seeing you yesterday

Right there in front of me

A shooting star that vanished as soon as it appeared

Because the encounter was so short

Such little time to sort

Sort what I felt standing there

I couldn’t even be sincere

And tell you how excited I was to have you so near

I would have yelled out your name if I could

And admit that I miss you like I never thought I would

“How do you do?

How does it go?

Just let me know

Tell me, how has life been treating you?

You’ve been thinking of me?

I’ve thought of you too

Yes, let’s make it work this time

Because I’ve always been yours and always will be”

That was, in silence, out short conversation in my mind

– Juliet Rivor © November 2017


When giving a second chance sounds tempting…

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