Only One Life

If they’re trying to get you down

With words and all

To make you fall

And make you bawl

Just remember: One life only


Don’t waste it there

With the haters

Because life goes by too swiftly

So live it right

Ignore bullies

And live your life

– minute poem

– Juliet Rivor © December 2017

Don’t listen to those that only seek to discourage you. Don’t listen to those that try to bring your determination to make your dreams come true to a halt.

Only one life was given to you, so allow your brightness to make those hateful marks in your sky disappear. Make your confidence like the light pollution that lessens their shine.

Life goes by whether you’re ready or not. Surround yourself by those that motivate and build a wall in front of those that don’t. Your castle will look more beautiful that way

Reach for the stars. The beautiful kind 🤓 😉shy-girl-sitting-by-herself-081216.jpg

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