Finished Masterpiece

IMG_20171215_1.jpgI got tired of playing hide and seek

Stop your search – I stand here by your side

If I didn’t come before, it’s not called being meek

You know well how I abide

It’s not my thing to regress, reminisce, or recur

The word PAST gives me an insipid mixture

And more so, if you’re in the picture

It was you who decided to leave me behind

So don’t think for a second

I’ll allow you to occupy any place in my mind

It’s not my thing to recur, regress, or reminisce

So allow me to say goodbye

And let this be the last stroke on our masterpiece

– Juliet Rivor © December 2017

Yup, some things just aren’t worth it…

So leave it there.

As a mere masterpiece

Don’t add too much to that painting.

You risk turning it into roadkill. 😰😉🖌

Remember it as the beautiful love story it once was. And move on.

If they left you the first time, there’s nothing stopping them from doing it again

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