Confused Drops

I wasn’t expecting this that occurred

The day that was so beautiful suddenly got obscured

The glow in my eyes suddenly shut down

The clear sky suddenly sprouted drenched clouds all around

And on my cheek, a single tear rolled down

Mirroring my mood, the sky gets dark

From the cloudy weather, my eyes swell up

And from my own wailing, the sky turns silvery

Because the sky is somber… just like me…

It’s raining

There’s drops that are going to get confused

The raindrops don’t know who they belong to

Because every single raindrop that falls onto my face

Is every single tear of mine that can’t find its place

– Juliet Rivor © December 2017


I like writing with symbolism and personification.

And crying in the rain, call me cliche, but there’s something very liberating, very poetic, very intriguing about it.

Sometimes our glasses fill a little faster than we anticipated. We have to release the excess water somehow.

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength. To have the courage to fall and get back up and be better.

You got this, honey 😉

3 thoughts on “Confused Drops

  1. Beautifully written, your Confused Drops. Thus so sufficiently to awaken a few lines of a tear poem I’d written, oh sometime ago, back when…

    Of sentient passage,
    That can but come
    Of tears gone savage,
    In a dolorous soul,
    Where once did find
    Abundance of cheer,
    Worn thin with time …


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