Society’s Wrong Standards of Beauty

Because in this society

If you’re not a size 0, you’re not regarded as pretty

If you don’t contour, if your lips aren’t full

Then you’re not considered beautiful

That’s why I write

Because my pen and paper

Don’t judge my face or shape

They listen to my woes

Without judging my flaws

And see me human

Without expecting perfection

– Juliet Rivor © December 2017


So, I was asked what makes me say that a woman who is not a size 0 is not beautiful. To which I say, I didn’t. Society did and does.

Are you familiar with the beautiful Lili Reinhart? And the awesome, intriguing show RIVERDALE where she plays BETTY COOPER? So, some people had the audacity to body shame her after her serpant dance on an episode in season 2.

Come on, ladies. Gents…

If a beauty like her is regarded as “fat,” what can the rest of us expect?

We live in a twisted society. Fortunately, my writing serves me as an outlet and helps me connect with those that can see the beauty in every soul, in every body type, in all varieties of beautiful features in every race, in every ethnicity, in every size, in every shape.

Thank you for being a lil more human than those that want to squeeze us into a box where we don’t fit. Because those names you call me, her and her, we are not that.

And good on Lili for replying to those that felt the need to pit the bodies of herself and the model against each other.

There is no comparison. Both bodies are banging!

I agree that it probably makes women feel better about their own insecurities to point out others’ flaws. But ladies, we are one community. Lets not tear each other apart.

Lili and all you ladies reading this, you’re beautiful, boo. Do you. Because you’re gorgeous, you’re lovely, you’re beautiful.

You’re enough.

And your flaws are what make you YOU. And make you unique.

They make you memorable.

Embrace them 😉

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