Happy Dandelion

I am a dandelion
in a bed of roses
Even though I’m not as cherished
I wouldn’t change my structure

Though the red rose is chosen over me: in many a special occasion
I still feel joy in my roots
And pride in my stem
Because I represent the tooth of the lion
And my stimulating yellow petals
embody happiness

I love what I am
Perfectly imperfect
I am a dandelion
And vivacious
Among a garden of roses

– Juliet Rivor © February 2018


We are all humans, with beating hearts and a reason to be. Embrace your features, your heritage, your roots, and love yourself. Because you only have one life, one body, and one soul. And this is what the world sees.

Once you learn to love yourself is that you can truly love others. To plant our seed to make the world a little more beautiful – as a garden.

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