This Too Shall Pass

When the pain is vast
When you yearn terribly for what was
When you look out your window
And are certain
The rain will forever last
When your mind is swollen with worry
And the impotence fills you with fury

Don’t despair
Take a deep breath.
Expel the toxic air

Because whatever storm
Whatever condition
Whatever conundrum
Regardless of what form

Nothing lasts forever…
This too shall pass

– Juliet Rivor © April 2018


It’s easy to be so centered in what you’re living right NOW. That you lose sight of the big picture. Especially if you find yourself in a tunnel that seems endless.

If you’re passing a difficult time, push through. The light is just ahead.
Don’t let yourself be drowned in the rain of depression.
Tomorrow the sun will shine.
Will you be ready to open your curtains?


3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. This too shall pass… how right you are, and so beautifully said. You make the sun shine through the dark rain clouds, so that one can actually see the light ahead, in our mind’s eye. Great!

    Jean-Jacques Fournier



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