Don’t Treat Her Like Me

No need to elaborate
I understand what you say
You don’t love me
And it’s okay
I won’t be the one to clip your wings
And keep you from experiencing those new things

I hear you when you say you want her
Go on and get her
But darling, just grant me one favor

Don’t look at her the way you would me
Don’t talk to her like you did to me
Don’t give her the same designation I wore
Don’t take her to the places we used to go
Don’t stroke her the way you did my ribs
And don’t kiss her the way you would my lips

Because if you imitate your procedure
Certain memories will muster
It won’t even be voluntary
You will simply remember
And you will miss me
In a time when
distant and unreachable I will be

– Juliet Rivor © April 2018


Don’t be anyone’s second choice. You deserve to be the ONE and ONLY.
If he doesn’t see your worth, his stupidity will be another man’s luck. ❤


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