Give Time Time

Only the time knows
How much of it is needed
So give thee Time time
It’s been around much longer
Its wisdom surpasses yours

– Juliet Rivor © May 2018


It is said those things worth having take time. So while we anxiously await for those things that are destined to come, why not enjoy the travel to get there.
Pregnant? Yes, the desire to hold your little one in your arms is vast, but while you wait, why not enjoy every sensation, every hiccup, every kick, every swirl, the knowledge your child is safe, happy, and developing while he shares a place in the universe with you. It won’t last forever. Enjoy while you can. Before you know it, she’ll be here. Don’t miss the experience.
Missing the cooler weather? The snow and fireplace warmth? Don’t let the desire to have those things make you miss the beautiful sunny days and endless possibilities of hiking, picnics, park days, swimming, bike-riding. Before you know it, fall will come again. And then the snow. Don’t miss your summer. It’s one you won’t get back.

Excited for an event taking place in 3 years? Awesome. You have 2 years and 364 days to be excited about other great things.
Life is beautiful. Enjoy it fully, completely, thoroughly.

And going through a rough patch? Remember. This too shall pass.
Just give Time time.
Where you were last year on this day isn’t the same as today. And it won’t be the same in 365 days.
Smile and enjoy the ride…

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