Lost Diamond

A glance at my dresser
It’s just a reminder
That I’m now alone
Drowned in this sorrow
That has become my home

My lost diamond
A young girl – so precious, so rare
So lustrous she was
Yet so dazzled

My lost diamond
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When your luster came to an end
I’m sorry I was your best friend
I’m sorry I was close
But not when you needed me most

I’m sorry I didn’t know your structure was falling apart
I’m sorry I was unaware of the pressure burning your heart
I’m sorry that when you least expected it, your resources were gone
I’m sorry I was the finger you stood on
Because I never did understand
Or come close to comprehend
And i failed
I didn’t keep you safe in my hand

I was taught there’s nothing quite as strong as diamonds
Now I know even the hardest ones get wounds
I should have held on tight
I should have been by her side

I should have hidden the knife

Because now…
Now it’s too late…
…she took her life…

– Juliet Rivor © May 2018PicsArt_05-21-05.56.49

If you think life isn’t worth sticking around for – know there’s always someone on earth who smiles because you exist. Life can be overwhelming, but it’s also beautiful and shiny. Learn to look at it through the right eye. And when the cloud condensating over your head doesn’t let you breathe, seek help. Help is there when you need it.
As someone who has dealt with and struggles with feelings of depression, and yes, has lost a friend to suicide, know help is there. And it’s worth reaching out.
You’re worth reaching out. Keep shining, my friends.

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