Her Name is Heartbreaker

She sticks out a little more than the rest
Tight red dress hugs an alluring slim waist
Ebony cascades frame a glowing face
Golden necklace rests just above a prominent chest
With lips painted with the same crimson
which invite any male to temptation
And eyes adorned with the sky’s constellation
She is the master of hypnotization
Every man in the club is looking at her
Her name is heartbreaker

His caramel skin glows
Bulky arms and chiseled core shows
Dark brown eyes show a mystery to seek
Bones chiseled artistically on his cheek
And when he beams, it’s a calling no woman can ignore
His name is heartbreaker

And somehow by the call of irony
these two happen to be in the same lair
He wets his lips; she flips her hair
He likes what he sees
She can’t help but stare
He narrows his eyes and shifts in his seat
She moves her strap, revealing her mounds
He can no longer stand it
His next prospect’s been found

He makes his way to this girl
As she gets closer to his face
“You are the most beautiful woman in the world”
“You are the most handsome man in this place”

So we are found in a predicament
Heartbreaker has been her name
Heartbreaking has been his game
Two heartbreakers cannot come out triumphant
So whose heart gets broken in this yield?
Whose dignity gets demolished in this build?
Let me tell you what it is that destiny has sealed:
It is a butch heart that gets stomped by a pair of heels
And a bull’s dignity that dies somewhere in the field

– Juliet Rivor © May 2018


*This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
**Because reality is stranger than fiction 😉

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