Your Hell

My days were hell
Trying to excavate
My way out of that hole
Where I was buried
Under the pile of dirt
You consciously laid

But here I am
Clean and polished
Look at me
Really look at me
Because you soiled my body
Never my spirit
My days – never my life
My flesh – never my core

You didn’t think I’d make it
I did
And every ounce of waste
You flung at me
I will stuff down your throat
No I won’t
These are just words on a paper
Easily discarded, eventually forgotten
Not like the words the Almighty has spoken
It’s a fact you reap what you sow
You forgot my fate
I won’t hold it against you though
“Vengeance is mine”
A warning to those that morals lack
Your time will come
If I were you, I’d watch my back

– Juliet Rivor © May 2018


It’s hard to be happy in a world where so many injustices take place. Where dishonest people look better off than those that struggle every day, though striving to love honestly. Where bad people don’t get caught doing bad deeds and innocents are reprimanded daily. But I have faith that there is a superior force watching. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not in my lifetime… but I have faith they will one day have what’s coming to them. Though slow, but it won’t be late…
Be happy, my friends. Only one life was given to you. Forgiveness benefits you, not them.
Be the change in the world you long to see. Smile. You will make the world a little brighter 💛

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