Let Me Heal


You leave today
Though I’ve begged you to listen
You refuse to stay
And so
Even though my eyes glisten
I won’t get in your way

But I have just one plea
Go somewhere
Where you’d never be close to me
Because the close contact
will make the gash in my core bleed like before
The infection of my yearn will exacerbate
So I ask you to spare me this fate
Listen as I implore
If you ever cared for me
The slightest bit
Go somewhere
Where I’ll never again see you
So I can begin to heal properly

– Juliet Rivor © June 2018

Sometimes all we need is distance. It is said absence makes the heart grow fonder. But experience also makes your mind smarter. Sometimes absence and time is all that is needed to heal. And to have the heart to move on. You deserve a genuine love. Start with the most important one: self-love. Everything else will fall into place…

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