True Beauty

It breaks my heart
I can’t deny
Knowing you leave me
Because I lack her slim figure
Oh, how I want to cry
Discovering just how shallow you are
Your arrogance doesn’t let you see
There’s more to beauty than being a size three

But there’s a little detail you neglect:
Nobody’s perfect
& soon you’ll see
Maybe she does look tons better than me
Because her midsection is flat
And when she walks, her behind sits still
But I’m sure you know this fact:
Outer beauty fades –
But a true love never will

Just forget this body of mine
To pursue the torment that you’ll soon find
Being in the arms of one you don’t love truly
Because you will remember the affection you felt for me at one time
You will relive the taste of my kisses, the scent of my skin, and the feel of my calidity
It’s then that the memories will mock your stupidity
They will imprison you and you’ll never be free

– Juliet Rivor © June 2018

I am not one to glorify obesity – coming with illnesses I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
But bodyshaming is not acceptable, either. And i refuse to join in on this despicable action.
Every shape, color, height, weight – is beautiful.
Thrive to be a better you. Eat healthier. Walk more. Engage in a sport. In a physical activity.
Keep your heart and soul healthy and glowing.
But more importantly – your eyes and your smile.

What people don’t understand is that we as women struggle everyday. But guess what? Worry doesn’t help your health. Sadness from stupid comments doesn’t help your wellness.

Your body is your temple. Treat it with love.

If someone looks down on you for not fitting society’s standard of beauty, then they’re not worthy of your time, of your regard, of your love.

Look into the mirror, pretty lady. Know your worth. You are beautiful and you deserve the world.


Wait for the one that will love you. Every little bit of you. You’re worth the wait, Love. ❤

# body positive
# beautiful gal
# your flaws make you who you are

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