With A Gaze

I don’t ask you to give me roses or chocolates

Empty gesture this would be

All I ask for:

An enamored stare

That lets me decipher

All that your heart has felt the whole time

you were aware if its news

I won’t even ask you to comply and bemuse

I’ll be content

With a tender gaze

That’ll let me see

There’s no other woman you love

Or have loved

In the past or present

Like you do me

In this very moment


– Juliet Rivor © June 2018


Oops. I did it again. 🙈🙊😉

Can anyone say “100 fan over here”? 🙋‍♀️

This scene was beautiful, so I saved it and while working on a poem, this scene was in my head.

Because the way he looks at her – oh, my word – fits so well with the poem.

I’ve always said the eyes give the soul away. So look him in the eyes and prepare to read the most beautiful poem you’ve ever came across – in the stars of his pupils…

Simply put: Ladies, get you a man that looks at you the way Bellamy looks at Clarke ❤😉


– Ok… Fangirling over, guys 😉

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