Lost Fire

Why didn’t I kiss your lips a little longer
When I had the chance
Why didn’t I embrace your body a little harder
When it was close at hand

You need fire to keep a flame alive
& commitment to keep a relationship strong
But I did it all wrong
Because I loved, but didn’t strive
And so that feeling fled
And today was the day it had to be said
Because now you don’t feel a thing
No lament, no discontent, no sting
Not a single tear on that beautiful cheek
As you pack your bags and leave

And as I watch you go
I have no right to demand an explanation I already know
I got buried under my priorities and was nowhere to be found
Hidden in my perfect world
The one where you were happy being undisturbed
And once I’d returned
The door that leads to realization
had already been opened
And so I was hit with clarification
I took you for granted
And we were both freed of enchantment
And so I’m let with no choice but to admit
I lost you bit by bit

It seems my goal was to lose you
Looks like I achieved that too

– Juliet Rivor © July 2018


Priorities, love.

Looks fade, money dissolves, jewels get stolen, wood rots, but true, sincere love never does.

Is it time to readjust yours?

Don’t look back tomorrow and wish you’d done it sooner.

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