You take advantage of my class
Enamored lass
Stuffed in a square
Prone to wear and tear
Because you meddle with my structure then depart
Once you’ve quieted the curiosity in your heart
Then I’m forced to watch you walk out the door
from the cold floor
Oblivious to the expansion of the crack in my core
Because my skin still flutters
from the stroke of yours

And it all plays out the same
Back into my box I go
I’ll never be your dame
Just a shadow
A doll not acquainted with the word “no”
A simple lego
A game
The one whose wits were robbed long ago
Because if it were up to me, I’d go
Years ago would i have ceased this loving
The playing and hurting
I’d cut the wires that keep me strapped in this case
And shatter the molding that keeps me stuck on this base

But this foolish heart holds on to its so-called reward
And it keeps me glued to this board
If it were up to me
I can honestly say
I would have left a while ago
But this sensation
The feeling on my skin
The beating coming from within
It refuses to give me another chance
Be held by other hands
And escape this stark situation

– Juliet Rivor © July 2018


Sometimes we cling to something we know isn’t right. Something that only hurts us. And the worst part is we know.

Darling, you deserve ALL. Don’t waste your time with someone who gives you less than that.

Silent sadness chips away at you. Life is too short to be anything rather than happy.

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