Happy You’re Happy

After all we lived together
I never would have suspected
The simple run to the store
would grant me more than I requested
There you were
Next to the girl I’d heard so much about
She’s alluring, no doubt
And trust me when I posit
That this isn’t easy to admit

Beautiful she is
But even more
Was that smile you wore
A grin like one I’d seen before
When you were my forever and I was yours
On those days we talked long hours
about our plans for a future together
Prior to our worlds colliding and burning to ashes
Before I saw you walk out my door
through fallen eyelashes

Our eyes met
And there came no fret
Just reciprocating smiles
On both ends of the aisles

You resumed your pace
And I continued my path
With a smile on my face
Void of envy or wrath

And so I thank you for this peace
I really needed that
Because I’m happy you’re happy
Even if not with me

– Juliet Rivor © July 2018


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