Woman In the Mirror

I looked out my window
& sensed a particular somberness
A chilling innuendo
Mockery of my distress

I looked into the mirror
But didn’t find me
I was only that you wanted to see
A homely, bleary lady
With no self-esteem, no dignity

The stranger in the mirror whispered
That that I was thinking was not erred
Because she had put up with your mistreat
You made her feel incomplete
Worthless and petite
And seing indecision in my reflection
She took the time to fill a petition –
Stand up and stand it no longer
For the life you live can’t get more wronger
You deem yourself weak
But you are stronger
thank you think

Her sussurations resounding in my brain
I decided I wouldn’t silence her again
It was time to say ENOUGH
It was time for some self-love

So I wiped my tears
Relinquished my fears
Twisted my frown
Applied mascara and liner
Then let my hair down
Afterwards, I dusted off my heels and my crown
And with a hand on the doorknob, I glanced
At the lady behind the glass
She smiled
Giving me strength to go the extra mile

I walked out the front door
I heard you squawk
But I was no longer that suppressed girl from before
This time your chains didn’t hold me back

And I looked up at the night
It was no longer grim
It was shining bright
Along with my grin

– Juliet Rivor © July 2018


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