You left me
I’ll admit I cried
Because I really tried to make this work
Because I loved you limitlessly
You were the reluctant owner of this heart
Though it took me a while to see
Luckily, as time went by
The love for you got lost
come my dignity

I now hear you’re all alone
Carrying in you a severe grief
With drained desire to live
Do you not see the irony in the chronicle of these events?
The very actions you once so proudly vented
Are the very reason why today you’re so tormented

She buried the knife deep into your chest
As yesterday you did to mine
So allow me to take my time as I pull up a chair and say, “You’re no different from the rest”

In this world there’s this thing called KARMA
It really is nothing new
Today you cry for someone just like yesterday I cried for you
So tell me
How does it feel?
Don’t worry
It takes a little less of forever to fully heal

– Juliet Rivor © October 2018


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